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YIF programme is open to all Indian citizens* with:

  • No more than 28 years of age on 31st May, 2014
  • A recognized undergraduate or postgraduate degree

The Fellowship promotes diversity and applicants from all areas of specialisation are encouraged to apply. While applicants who have been educated in a vernacular language as their medium of instruction are welcome, it is expected that they will be able to converse, read and write in English.

*Applicants holding PIO/OCI cards are also welcome to apply.


Given the unique nature of the programme there is no "one" kind of profile for a Young India Fellow. However, the following points are being presented to give a broad idea of what we look for. A Young India Fellow could be someone who has:

  • A deep-rooted ambition to solve problems and make an impact on society
  • Passion for an idea or issue which could have wider social/business/academic implications
  • The humility to believe that he/she needs to learn more
  • The willingness to think differently and chart a new course
  • A demonstrated ability to overcome challenges
  • Qualities of integrity, self-awareness, energy, initiative and open-mindedness
  • An above-average academic record

Selection Process

Applicants must submit a detailed application dossier. Each component of the application and the interview is important and the selection of the candidate for the programme will be made considering a combination of many factors. The process will include evaluation of the submitted application, telephone interview, personal interview and a general ability test to assess their verbal, written and analytical skills.

Submission of detailed application dossier:

Applicants can choose one of the following two ways to apply:

Apply online by registering himself/herself on the YIF website. Once registered a system generated e-mail will be sent to the registered email id of the applicant.


Download the application form from the YIF website. A confirmation email will be sent to the registered email id of the applicant after receipt of the application.

There is no application fee.

The selection process will be carried out in three stages:

  1. Assessment on basis of submitted applications: All applications will be reviewed by the selection committee consisting of faculty and executive members of the programme spread across different parts of the world. Hence, it is advisable that you apply online.
  2. Telephonic interview: Short-listed applicants will be interviewed on the telephone before being called for an in-person interview.
  3. In-person interview: First-round applicants who are short-listed will be interviewed in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore while the 2nd-round applicants shortlisted for interview will be called to New Delhi. There could be multiple rounds of interviews for a candidate, depending on the need for further assessment. At this stage, applicants will also be administered a general ability test to assess their verbal, written and analytical skills.

Final selection will be based on the applicant’s successful performance at all of these stages.


Admission process for YIF Class of 2015-16 will start from 5th September 2014 and close on 28th Feb 2015. YIF offers a rolling admission process and is split into two rounds. Each round accepts applications within a specified date- window and selects Fellows from the pool of applications from that round. Please refer to the calendar below for important date-windows for the two rounds.

Application and admission calendar for 2015-2016

Application round 1: 5th Sept to 15th Dec
SN Activity Dates (Rolling)
1 Applications open for 1st round 5th Sept, 2014
2 Last date to submit applications for 1st round 15th Dec 2014
3 Telephonic interview 20th Sept 2014 - 28th Feb 2015
4 In-person interviews for 1st-round applicants 28th Oct 2014 - 15th March 2015
5 Final offers to 1st-round applicants 1st Feb - 30th March 2015
6 Final offers to wait-listed applicants 1st June - 6th June 2015
Application round 2: 16th Dec to 28th Feb
SN Activity Dates (Rolling)
1 Applications open for 2nd round 16th Dec 2014
2 Last date to submit applications for 2nd round 28th Feb 2015
3 Telephonic interview 1st Mar – 15th April 2015
4 In-person interviews for 2nd-round applicants 15th Mar – 15th May 2015
5 Final offers to applicants interviewed for 2nd round 15th Apr - 20th May 2015
6 Programme begins 15 July 2015
Note: If you have applied in Round 1 then you cannot apply again in Round 2

Application time extended to 31st March for 2nd round




Applications closed for now. It will re-open from the 1st week of September, 2014. Applications are invited to Young India Fellowship

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Please keep me updated on the YIF admission process and other news by email.




Admission Process:


1. Who is eligible for Young India Fellowship?

This postgraduate programme is open to:

  • Fresh undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • Students who are in the final year of their undergraduate and postgraduate degree
  • Students who have completed their undergraduate degree and postgraduate degree and have worked straight after that for not more than three years
  • Students with specialisation in any subject/discipline
  • Students who have received education through any medium of instruction (English, Hindi, regional language). However, she/he should be able to converse, read and write in English given that the medium of instruction at YIF programme is English.
  • All Indian Nationals
  • Applicants who are 28 years of age or less on 31st May,2014

2. What skills, background, or technical experience do I need to be Young India Fellows?

No specific skills, background, or technical experience are necessary to be eligible for the Fellowship. The selection committee looks for consistent decent academic performance by an applicant and for activities carried out during school and college days that show individual excellence at sports, art or technology or commitment to service and helping others; ability to work well in a collaborative environment; aptitude for leadership; good communication skills; humility and adaptability.

3. How do I apply for Young India Fellowship?

The students could choose one of the two following ways to apply to the programme

4. When does the application process for admission to Young India Fellowship start?

Refer to the admission schedule on the website -

5. What does the selection process for qualifying as a Young India Fellow involve?

The selection process will involve three stages:

Submission of detailed application dossier: Students can choose one of the three following ways to get a copy of the form:

The application will be reviewed by the selection committee consisting of faculty and executive members of the programme spread across different parts of the world. Hence, it is advisable that you apply online.

Telephone interview: Applicants shortlisted after application review will be interviewed over phone.

In-person interview and test: Candidates selected after the telephone interview will be invited for in-person interview.

1st round in-person interviews will be conducted at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai.

2nd round applicants shortlisted for interview will be called to New Delhi for personal interview with the selection committee.

There could be multiple rounds of interviews for a candidate, depending on the need for further assessment. At this stage the applicants will also be administered a general ability test to assess their verbal, written and analytical skills.

The final selection will be based on the average score awarded in the application dossier, in-person interviews.

6. Will I be interviewed for the Fellowship?

All applications will be reviewed by the selection committee consisting of faculty and executive members of the programme spread across different parts of the world. After application review, shortlisted applicants will be interviewed on phone. Candidates shortlisted after telephone interview will be called for in-person interview.

7. When will I hear from the selection committee about my application?

The status of your application will be communicated to you as the process evolves, through e-mail.

8. Does the entire application need to be completed within one session?

No. You can complete the online application in multiple sessions and have the option to save parts of the application as you proceed.

9. Do I also need to submit a printed copy of the application form once I have submitted it online?

No. We will not require you to send a printed copy of the application form.

10. How do I send in my academic transcripts/mark sheets, other documents and photographs required as part of the application?

You do not have to send in any transcripts or photographs with the application. You will however have to bring your original documents if you are called for a Personal interview.

  • Photograph
  • Passport or any other proof of identification
  • Mark sheets/ transcripts HSLC onwards
  • Original Graduation document/or one original document to be submitted in person during final registration.

11. Can I reapply?

Yes. You can reapply. Please note that you cannot reapply within the same academic year. You have to submit a fresh application.

12. Do you acknowledge receipt of application by mail?

We convey the status of your application online. Do remember to check your application status.

13. How do I submit a resume as a part of the application?

There is no need for submitting a separate resume. The online application module will generate a resume in the required format with the details you have filled as part of the application. It includes your Academic details, Employment details (along with responsibilities/achievements) and awards & activities.

14. How many applicants are called for interview in Round-1 & Round-2 and how many selected?

There is no pre-defined percentage of applicants who will be called for the interview or for admission.

15. How many students would you be admitting 2014-15?

100 Fellows


ELM& Placements:


16. What kind of trainings/internship would I be exposed to?

You will be doing internship in a project based on your liking and background. YIF has conceived the Experiential Learning Module, or ELM, to complement the academic work with real work experience. The ELM work is supported by a team of coaches who provide essential guidance on structuring business problems, analysis and presentations. Fellows will undertake eight month-long engagement with an organisation after completing the first two terms of the programme.

17. Who are my mentors?

The Fellows’ mentors are all pioneers and leaders in their fields having created new organisations, led multi-national companies as well as reputed academic institutions, triggered new ways of thinking, and continue to inspire people that they touch. They come from diverse sectors spanning media, consulting, non-profit, banking, IT etc. Sanjeev Aga, Robert Greenhill, Deepak Parekh, Jerry Rao, Amit Chandra, Rajendra Pawar, Uday Shankar, Anoop Prakash are few among the list. Please visit the link for futher details.

18. Are there opportunities to be placed immediately by the committee as soon the course finishes?


19. How are Fellows’ placements decided?

YIF programme enjoys the support of reputed companies & associations of mentors & donors and institutions. It will be an invaluable opportunity to forge relationships for the future and widen your frames of reference. For the Young India Fellow who aspires to a career that is off the beaten track, the Fellowship promises to help him/her build that career. No matter what you wish to do, the Young India Fellowship promises to be an invaluable launch-pad. Placement of Fellows will take place in the 8th term.

20. What kind of opportunities will I have as an alumnus of the programme?

  • You will get lifetime access to a network of eminent mentors who are committed to your success.
  • You will be informed and invited for workshops and seminars organised for Young India Fellows.




21. What will I get out of Young India Fellowship?

  • An opportunity to experience an unparalleled world class learning experience delivered by the very best from around the world
  • Lifetime access to network of mentors, sponsors and peers
  • Opportunity to charter a career of your choice
  • You will get national recognition as a change agent of tomorrow
  • You will get favourable consideration to pursue a Masters degree or PhD at UPenn & to pursue any Masters level course at Ashoka University in the future.
  • Certificate of completion co-signed by IFRE and Upenn

22. Would my faculty give live classes?

Yes all faculty and guest speakers would deliver live classes to the Fellows of the programme.

23. Can I work while the programme is going on?

No. You cannot be a full-time employee during the one year course of the programme. We do not encourage working even part-time while you are with us as your schedule with us will be very hectic.

24. How long is the commitment for Young India Fellows?

Young India Fellowship is a one year residential programme.

25. Where are the classes being held?

For the first three years YIF is being co-located at the Sri Aurobindo Center for Arts & Communication (SACAC) campus, Sri Aurobindo Society in New Delhi. The SACAC has state-of- the -art infrastructure and students will have an opportunity to be a part of its rich campus life while they go through the one year academic programme. The grounds are a green oasis in the middle of the capital and a perfect setting for intellectual growth. The SACAC and YIF share a common desire to promote quality education with deeper values in India, and have come together to further that cause. From the 4th year onwards the programme will be moved to the upcoming Ashoka University campus at the Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonepat, which is being planned as the hub for institutions of higher learning in the NCR.

26. Where will the Fellows hostel be located?

The Fellows will be staying at a fully furnished residential facility. The facility is located at South Delhi (5mins from the partner campus). Each room will be shared by two students and will be organised separately for boys and girls. For the Fellows of 2014-15 the hostel will be located at the Ashoka University campus.

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